Computer Maintenance & Repair Services


Below is a description of BNW Technologies service offerings.  We are confident that you will find our suite of solutions on-target and just the 'right' price.



Diagnostic/Consulting Service*

This our basic fee, and is paid at the time services are requested. 


For a maintenance service we perform troubleshooting to determine the cause of hardware/software failures and provide an estimate for the cost of repairs or upgrades.

This fee also applies to consultation  services provided when a client requests a custom computer build or a website, networking, or home theater development project.

2 Repair Service Correction of hardware and software configuration issues that impair the function of your computer system.
3 Antivirus Service* Installation of the clients choice of anti-virus products to provide protection against viruses, spyware and malware.
4 Component Install/Upgrade Service* Installation of hardware components to replace or upgrade a computer system.
5 System Image Service A 'snapshot' is taken of the clients complete software installation, using our preferred software product Arconis True Image.  A complete, licensed copy of the imaging software, training in its usage, and an external USB hard disk drive is included in the price of this service.
6 Data Recovery Service Our 1st tier attempt to recover data from damaged or defective media.  More aggressive methods of data recovery are available at additional cost.
7 System Build Service* We build a custom system designed to meet the clients specific requirement.

In addition to the above structured-fee services, BNW Technologies offers:

  • •  Website Hosting
    •  Website Development
    •  Multimedia/Home Theater Systems
    •  Home, Small Office & Classroom Network Installation
    •  Thin Client Computing Solutions
    Media Conversion (Audio & Video)
    •  On-Site Service

Contact us for details on these offerings.

* Our fee structure is based on labor, not material.  The cost of hardware and commercial software is not included in the price of our services.  

BNW Technologies supports the Open Source software movement.  We charge no fees for open source products other than those associated with the installation, configuration, and training for the use of the product.